10 K for BCNA

Originally published on http://10k4bcna.tumblr.com/


I’m the kind of girl that can dance non-stop in a night club for 6 hours straight (verified), cross the city of Paris from south to north with my high heels on (not saying it does not kill my feet, just saying I can do it). So, I am not totally unfit! However, when it comes to practicing a more traditional kind of workout, I am the worst!

Running? I downloaded an app. 3 years ago, started 2 years ago then… stopped (4 months after my first run), tried again for 2 months when I moved to Melbourne and… stopped again. Of course, no need to say that I have NEVER achieved a 10K! It has been on my mind for a very long time though.

When my friend Mia told me about the Sussan Women’s Fun Run 2013, I did not hesitate much, thought it was the perfect occasion to cross that  item out of my “to-do list”, registered and… freaked-out!! Me? Committing myself to a regular workout ??!! WTH, I don’t even have time for this!

But, see here is the thing, this race is not just about me and achieving my personal goal. It’s about raising much needed awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). Every day, 38 women will be told they have breast cancer and 8 women will be lost to the disease.

I consider myself lucky to be healthy and it is now  time to push myself a bit harder than usual, train 3/4 times a week, set-up and promote that page, make a donation and celebrate life by doing that 10k.

Please support my run and help me make a difference with a secure online donation, big or small, every dollar counts – click on Donate now.

Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with quality information and support.

Thank you for supporting my every step!

– Gaelle –



Blown away by my Super Awesome Friends support. We collected 1080 dollars and smashed our initial goal of $500.

On the 8th of December, I did my 10K in 1hour and 1 minute!


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