My first Nuit Blanche in Paris

Nuit Blanche Paris (White Night) is an annual all-night art festival. The event that first took place 10 years ago, occurs every fall in Paris and its suburb, and has since spread all over the globe, from Canada to Australia.

Nuit Blanche turns the city itself into an art gallery . Art installations and performances  can be found everywhere : on the streets, on the Seine, inside museums and public or private galleries open for free  to the public for the occasion.

In 10 years of existence I have never gotten a chance to experience a Nuit Blanche : Was either at friends’parties, sick (it’s fall after all!), out of the country (for 4 years) or discouraged by the rain.

Last night started with drizzle but it was not cold. My friends and I started by l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, went to le Centre Georges Pompidou, enjoyed the music and the crowd in front of it, and eventually got inside.

I have to admit that I had never visited the museum before . A shame. I know ..but you know how it is; most of us travel the world without taking the time to actually discover our own city. I pretty much knew the whole Centre though. I spent countless hours in the library while being a student, hung out in the lobby with friends and went to Café Georges, on the rooftop a few times…. BUT I would always skipped the museum. Last night, I saw many paintings I once heard about at school, or even studied in high school and college . That glimpse definitely made me want to go back soon and visit the entire museum.

I then left my friends and run to get a chance to see Bubble your Life , at Musée des Archives before the last metro. (yes, that’s what you unfortunately have to do when you live right outside of Paris, metro does not run all night long as it is often implied by the public transport operator RATP).

Bubble your life : even the name makes me smile, as implied in the name, the courtyard of le musée des Archives was filled with bubbles, the lighting was pinkish and soft , as soft as the music. The whole thing created a very sweet , fairytale-like, atmosphere. I loved it. It felt good…

Bubble your life

Bubble your life


But time to get out of the dream to catch my train to the suburb. I loved Nuit Blanche and won’t miss the opportunity to do it next time, in Paris or elsewhere.

There were so many installations and performances to see, I wish I could have seen them all. If in Paris last night, where were you? what did I miss ? What did you like?

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