I am such a tourist cliché 1/3: Souvenir from Sevilla

I have always prided myself on not being a follower. While I like fashion I refuse to  buy the IT bag, jacket, pair of shoes everyone is wearing, I usually do not like to go and see a movie everyone is dying to watch and most of all I don’t want to be a “typical” tourist.

When I travel, I do my best to hang out with the locals, get to know their routine and not being spotted as THE tourist!

Well, turns out I am a tourist cliché.

When in Sevilla, I needed a bag to go to the beach in Cadiz and look what I got:

Yes. THE bag everyone got from a trip with a different city name on it, maybe a different color. Truth being told, I think I have secretly always wanted to own one of these. They’re not really beautiful, but the font used is fun, not oldy-looking like most of the stuff you can get at souvenir shops and…. they show the world that you traveled!

Here we go, I am a show-off ! And  I have to admit it, a tourist cliché.

There have been many signs I guess…


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