I am such a tourist cliché 2/3: The signs

Admitting it is the first step, here are the signs I noticed from my last “holiday” in Sevilla, Spain:

  1. Went to a souvenir shop… for myself
  2. Actually bought things from it: bags, t-shirts, mugs with SEVILLA written on them,  fans, ridiculous big fake red flower to wear in my hair and dance flamenco… (Because OF COURSE I was going to take up flamenco classes once I got back to France! )
  3. Got into one of those red double-decker buses with an open roof. They are full of tourists wearing sun glasses, hats, cameras around their neck and beautiful walking shoes. These buses are in service pretty much in every big city. They stop at every main attraction and a pass gives you access to it at anytime…I always said I would never get into one of them… But then again… in Cadiz for a day I had to. I was limping. I had been walking non-stop for the past 2 days with flat sandales on, and my right knee was killing me!
  4. Well, here is another one: I was suffering (only 24 hours after landing in the city) because I had worn the wrong kind of shoes…thinking I was too good to wear those big ugly running ones…like ev-er-y-other-tourist
  5. Snapping pictures every 10 seconds: monuments, museums, landscape but also…: street furniture (mail boxes look so different from a country to another!!), food ( those tapas were delicious!! I do have French fries, potatoes and cheese in France too but those where served to me by a Spanish waiter…talking to me in….Spanish!! Each tiny plate was dedicated to a dish, they were cheap etc..)
  6. I got a bad sunburn. I was “muy rojjjaaaa ” (roja=red) to quote the guy from the hostel. Everyone was staring at me and I considered hidding for a while but eventually went out again … after sunset 😉
  7. I took guided tours in English. (“guided tours” AND  “English”!)
  8. Stayed at a nice hostel, sharing my room with 7 other backpackers, talked to them,  heard their wonderful stories and I realized… that I was NOT a backpacker! At some point I even wished I had made a reservation in an all-inclusive resort. A  swimming-pool would have been nice, I like nice big bed, privacy and most of all, having my own private bathroom!

Hi, I am Gaëlle, and I am a tourist cliché …

Tapas! Having an Iphone makes you take pictures of everything, all the time.

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