I am such a tourist cliché 3/3: even in my hometown!

As every good Parisian I do criticize my city a lot!

I love nothing I am parisian

                  • its weather
                  • its one hour line to see an exhibition
                  • its square-minded poshy people
                  • its grumpy people
                  • its load of tourists
                  • its crazy traffic
                  • its over-priced real estate
                  • its tiny studio apartments
                  • its pollution
                  • its craziness
                  • its lack of craziness
                  • its crowded and smelly metro
                  • its rude waiters
                  • etc, etc…

Yet, I am IN LOVE with the city. Go figure.

While I make fun of tourists when I see them enjoying things like the rain, a piece of baguette and taking pictures in front of a metro sign, I do surprise myself pretty much doing the same things.

I feel like Amélie Poulain half of the time . And again, I  take my phone like a gun out of my pocket and shoot! (The other half….as I said, I complain and criticize everything that comes to my mind ;-))

Here are my recent pics:

Paris I ❤ U !!

as much as… any other tourist :-p but that’s ok, I guess there is nothing better than being a tourist in Paris and enjoying it.

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