Have you noticed the invasion??

space invaders

The space invaders have been around for yeeeeaaaars and I have never noticed them until a friend told me about them.

The invasion started in Paris and had spread all over the world: London,Rome, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, LA, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Mombasa…

I have become obsessed with them..the same way I got obsessed with the tags Regarde le Ciel (“Look at the sky”) or Amour (“Love”) when I was in college.

Discovering a new one is like finding in new piece of a puzzle..although, I have never really liked puzzles, so I’d say … a piece of a mysterious artistic treasure 😉

Pay attention and you will see that they are everywhere. From quite touristy places like la Place du Tertre near Le Sacré-Coeur to more hidden locations..I found out that they are even…on the Hollywood sign!!

Have you seen one them?? Where?? Has your city been invaded too?

More about Invader, the artist on wikipedia.

Space Invaders’ official website.


2 thoughts on “Have you noticed the invasion??

  1. Cool!! I was hung up about space invaders in Rome too. I started to have the obsession with them when I saw the book art of artist in friend of mine’s house ( he loves contemporary art) and the artist wrote the map where he arranged invaders mosaics in the world ( actually I loved that game) I was excited so I proposed him one night to do “Invaders hunt” like treasure hunt…so we took Chisel and hammer and went Around all night searching invaders( I know, it sounds Wild and illegal but exciting) One was behind his place close Navona square but it was arduous to get off, I think it is still there. Anyway he has in his living room two of the space invaders mosaics. We could do it in Australia.. 🙂 I love your blog frenchy girl!!! It is perfect to improve my English..I lose hours reading it. Bisous et A plus tard.

    1. ;-))) I WOULD love to do a space invaders hunt! I would NOT steal them though;-)
      Everyone should get a chance to see them and do their own hunt. But we could… take silly pics in front of each of them, or dress them with some cool/silly outfit… I know there are a bunch in Melbourne but I only got to see one. And, the only reason I saw it is because our common French friend showed it to me!
      Same in Paris, I was obsessed with them but my friends always had to point them out to me. I just don’t see things.

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