Sydney – week 1

Been here for over a week already. So far I feel like it’s …Oh god… a better version of the best European or North American cities… Am I even allowed to say that after only a week?! I am not saying that Sydney will be the perfect match for me (I am twisted), but I have to admit the city has it all:

  • An amazing weather !! Worst day so far : 24°C (76°F)with rain…for an hour  
  • Beautiful beaches with actual soft and clean sand, blue water (at 20°C the other day)
  • A gorgeous bay with little islands all over , pinguins (nop I have not seen any sharks…Yet;-)), and of course, the Opera, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park
  • A dynamic CBD
  • Cute shops and cafés
  • Surfers!!! I said I will learn to surf but winter is going to show up soon and I am sorry but the water is going to be too cold for me..However..if I see the guy that looked like Kelly Slater (with hair) again…. I might just jump into the water right away!
  • Oh and two hours away from the city you have the beautiful blue mountains. I took stunning pictures there that I will be sharing soon.

So let’s see! If I don’t end up being completely broke and homeless by the end of the month (Sydney being one of the most expensive city in the world), find a job and a nice place to unpack my two big suitcases with – cherry on the cake -great rommates, I might just stay there for a little while. If not…I heard Australia is full of beauties and opportunities;-) Stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Sydney – week 1

  1. Hi Gaelle
    Just came across your ad on, and here I am just to say welcome to Sydney and please feel the vivid Sydney as much as you would…

  2. Glad you liked Sydney! Forgot to mention as well ( as you probably now know) Melbourne can get very hot! Last month I was there and it almost reached 40 degrees !

    1. Thanks for all your comments. Gotta run out. But will definitely take the time to go back to all of them;-) BTW quickly saw your blog… Classic cars Reims? … Sigh … Memories 😉 Have a nice day and talk to you soon!

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