Sydney vs San Francisco

If you have met me somewhere between 2005 and today, you know I lived 3 years in San Francisco and that it greatly impacted my life, in a good way. You know I would have stayed there, if getting a sponsorship from an American company was not that damn hard! Sigh… SF, baby, I will always love and miss you!

According to my friends, I am slightly obsessed with San Francisco – SLIGHTLY – and perhaps they are right after all. While in Sydney, I could not help but notice all these resemblances between these two cities.

Take a look for yourself and tell me if I am THAT crazy 🙂 :

  1. They both have an iconic bridge. SF has my favorite landmark on earth, the Golden Gate Bridge while Sydney has the Harbour Bridge. 

    The Golden Gate Bridge vs the Harbour Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge vs the Harbour Bridge

  2. They are both on a bay and you can just stay hours contemplating your surrounding and walking by the water.
  3. They both have the biggest and most dynamic gay village of their country. The Castro in San Francisco, Oxford Street in Sydney.

    Castro pic credit : Jim Herd

    Castro vs Oxford St
    Castro pic credit : Jim Herd

  4. They both have prison island(s). SF has Alcatraz, Sydney has Fort Denison and also Cockatoo island.

    Alcatraz vs Fort Denison

    Alcatraz vs Fort Denison

  5. They both have a vibrant Chinatown.
  6. You may prefer one over the other…but you cannot deny that they are both BEAU-TI-FUL.
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4 thoughts on “Sydney vs San Francisco

  1. I agree with all you said in your blog. I also want to add some more…
    They both have a large Asian population, though I’ve only been in SF for one week I notice that I can see Asian everywhere. But SF is more Chinese-friendly because I can see Chinese instructions on buses and bus stops whereas Sydney only caters for English speaker.
    They are both very hilly so walking on the street is really a good exercise.

    How come you can stay in SF for 3 years but can’t get a sponsorship? I guess you studied there? There are many French in Sydney in different industries, so good luck with your job hunting.

  2. Hi there! Well yes, and not only for the chinese community. I like how ads in the states are targeted to communities in general: Chinese but also Spanish-speaking, Gay community (at least in SF). As far as exercising..;-) it s definitely the case in SF! After a few months though, I learnt how to avoid those hills ( keep walking 1 or 2 blocks and THEN turn left;-)) Next topic: immigration: Well it’s very hard to get a sponsorship in the US, unless you have amazing skills in your field or are an ingenieur (and still..) and yes I started there as a student.
    Job hunting… Yes, vacation time is over! I have left Sydney though and decided to settle in Melbourne and see how it goes..

    Thanks for your message Yi and have a beautiful day! ( Sydney?)

    1. I am not in Sydney, I am in SF! It would be silly to write comments on your blog at 4 am in Sydney, haha. I have been using similar ideas to avoid climbing hills in SF, like you said, keep walking and go somewhere that is flatter. But sometimes, I just want to go a bit crazy to make myself sweat and take the steepest route because SF is cold… even in spring.

      In regards to working in the US, Australians don’t need to get sponsorship in the US to get a job. There is a visa called E-3 that allows Australian to work in the US without joining the H1B queue. I am not an ingenieur, but I still hope I can find a job here in SF. I love this place.

      I just read another article you wrote comparing Sydney and Melbourne. Enjoy your days in Melbourne 🙂

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