Why I chose Melbourne over Sydney: My ugly truth



Melbourne’s CBD: grey sky:-( . It’s Fall!

“I don’t want a fling, I don’t want a “friend”,  I don’t want a “perfect husband”, I want more! I want a PASSIONATE relationship!”

Doesn’t make sense to you… Keep on reading.

Let’s go back to where I was: Sydney.
Well, I may be twisted! I left it. I did not stay there..

I still believe the city has it all but I guess we’re not ready to be together …yet.

Yes, I said to “be together”. If you take time to go through my blog you will notice that I tend to compare cities to guys and my love for them to relationships….So what kind of men would be Sydney and Melbourne and why would I pick Melbourne over Sydney?

WARNING: I am about to impress you with my amazing Culture…Ready??? Alright.

Think about these movies with Katherine Heigl. (Told you! What can I say I love Chick Flicks!)

Take the “Ugly Truth” for example. (Here is a link for you gentlemen, although I am sure you watched it with your girl-friend or just ….with your mates, come on we know!! : The Ugly Truth movie.

source imdb.com

source imdb.com

On one side, Abby, the TV producer (Katherine Heigl) is dating Colin (Eric Winter): a sexy doctor with great hair who,  obviously, goes to the gym at leeeeeast 4 times a week. He is considerate, nice, and has a smile good enough to be featured in a toothpaste commercial! The guy is husband material.

Colin is Sydney. Attractive, perfect, wanna take pictures of it (…him) all the time from different angles…But here is the thing, it is somehow too perfect. Nothing too make you go mad or …grab and keep your attention. Abby eventually realizes she is bored with him.

Sydney is amazing! I love it but at that point of my life I need something with more character that can keep me excited and interested for more than 10 days. Also, I am NOT  looking for “just a friend” or a fling. I sacrificed Paris after all! I want a passionate relationship. I am not even speaking of “forever after” here, but I need to feel some kind of sparks for the city I am going to commit to, for at least one year!

"I wanna be your lover not just be your friend"

“I wanna be your lover not just be your friend”
Sorry! I just had to post that pic somewhere, I love it!

On the other side, Abby HAS to work with a new TV host: Mike (played by Gerard Butler). The guy has no class, he is annoying and seems like he does not even like or respect women! His character does not even look that sexy in the beginning, he is just an average guy…

Mike is Melbourne. Not attractive at first. I mean going to Melbourne was not even part of my initial plan. Why would I leave France to go to what is described as the most European city of Australia and also one of the coldest ?!

I arrived in Melbourne (from Queensland) and I lost 10 degrees celsius! It was cold, grey, even…ugly! But at that point I had no choice. Like Abby, I had to work with Mike (Melbourne… Are you following??). I could not afford to keep on traveling all over the country, I needed to work, get some money and clearly, if I had kept on moving around I would never have gotten a chance to meet and connect with Aussies.

So why Melbourne? I listened to my friends (none of them have ever been to Melbourne before!!), they kept on telling me that they were dreaming about going there and how Melbourne would be “sooooo me” (whatever that means).

So yep, after 2 days of looking for roommates and walking in the rain, I could have taken another plane and fly to Darwin, Cairns or any other HOT place in Australia. But no, I gave it a go. I felt like I had to work with it.

Once I found a place to finally unpack my suitcases. I started wandering around the city and the miracle happened… I have fallen for it!! Completely!

It may not be “sexy”, “attractive” or even “nice” for a lot of people but for me, right now, it is just perfect. I am gonna repeat what my friends told me (Gosh I hate it when you guys are right!) BUT yes, it does remind me a lot of San Francisco, it is not as beautiful (can’t beat the view of the Golden Gate Bridge) but it’s artsy, edgy, groovy, happening, INSPIRING!


Street art is everywhere, there are dozens of festivals every month, smalls businesses are very creative and that is REALLY contagious.

So yeah, Mike is far to be perfect, but he has an amazing chemistry with Abby, they are “a team”,  and once Abby starts to really work with him she sees that there is more to him than some “ugly” and annoying guy.

Ok, I do realize how cheezy sounds this last sentence but my point is that the same goes for me and Melbourne. That was not love at first sight…but right now…well…so far…it’s been pretty good! 😉

Love from Melbourne,

Ab… I mean Gaëlle.

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9 thoughts on “Why I chose Melbourne over Sydney: My ugly truth

  1. Hi Gaelle,

    I love this it is well wrote. I cant believe you did this as I did a similar comparison I would describe Sydney as the weekend girl, ones that you meet in nightclubs they look beautiful and have all the accessories and they value themselves and material gain ha. Whereas Melbourne was a girl you can take home, she is a keeper longer and is more woman than the party girl of Sydney. She is not boring and displays her fun and excitement in differnent ways and beautiful without th make up also is good with all people.
    If you make it to Perth, the older woman a little set in her ways but more relaxed in her own way i would love to here how you put it! X

  2. Hi Duane!
    I knew we were alike but at that point I find it very funny! And love the way you describe it too! haha!
    Well …now that you are telling me about Perth, I am curious. I should go there just to see if I feel the same about it. 🙂 Hope all is wonderful in BALI!! (no I am not jealous;-))

  3. Hahah loved this post! We have such different impressions of both cities though. I found Sydney loud, aggressive, overwhelming and crowded, and not super pretty (apart from Manly – but that is off the mainland!). I found Melbourne beautiful! The wide streets in the CBD, Collins Street, the area around the arts centre, down by the river at Riverland bar, I loved it 🙂 I find Melbourne more sophisticated, cultured and although sometimes more edgy and a bit dirty in a grungy way, still so beautiful. Also St Kilda Pier/ Esplanade at night – gorgeous!

    Hope you love it there 🙂

    1. Have not done St Kilda at night yet. Thanks for the tips. Well I guess I see it from a Parisian perspective. Somehow Sydney looked more exotic and appealing…at first. All I could see in Melbourne to begin with were stuff I don’t like about Paris.But Melbourne is actually different than Paris. As you said: edgy a-in a grungy way;-) looks more open-minded too and I hate to say that but more creative! (Well those are not golden words just the feeling of a girl who just arrived in Melbourne and is LOVING IT)

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