beach, sunset, pictures and life lessons

My recipe for a stunning picture

    1. Pick a nice secluded beach.
    2. Get there 30 minutes at least before sunset, take off your shoes, lay your towel on the sand and…wait. Remember? “Good things happen to those who wait.”;-) Be patient. Enjoy the weather, the view, the peace, and relax.beach1
    3. Once the colors of the sky start changing, grab your camera and shoot. Take one, two or three pics…beach2
    4. Stop shooting. Move around. You’ve got time. And, you already got a few pics anyway. You are safe. You are not wasting or losing anything. Keep focusing on your goal though I mean… Keep looking at the twilight but do it from another spot. Get closer to the bushes or… I don’t know, get into the water if you’d like. Your call. Your inner voice. Just listen to it. Be curious. Watch what is happening from another angle. Looking at things from a different perspective can make you realize how great was that first spot and how lucky you were to be there and witness that sunset. Sometimes though, your perfect picture is just a minute or, a few steps away from where you were standing in a first place. That move could lead you to take what could turn out to be your best shot ever!Beach4
    5. Enjoy! (your picture, the outcome, or even your meal, whatever it was you followed my recipe for).beach3
    6. PS: It would have been a shame to miss THAT shot, just because you decided to play it safe I mean…stay next to your towel, don’t you think? 😉

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