A non-competitive, non-violent multiplayer video game? Really?

Welcome to Wander the game!

Welcome to Wander the game!

In case you have not read my recent posts all over the web like this one, let me say it it again: I am blown away by all the creavity that goes around Melbourne! From street art, to businesses and community projects that place is filled with inspirational stories to share. There is not a week that goes without me meeting someone working on something that sparks my interest and in so many different fields! Even things I would never thought I could have an interest for.

Like this one:

(Please note that this video is from the early alpha release and is not what the final game will look like)

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have been taking advantage of the free drop-ins scheme offered by Inspire 9, a co-working space for start-ups and freelancers. The place on its own deserve its own post but that’s for later.

That’s where I met Loki.

Loki is a young entrepreneur about to launch… ready… :

WANDER: A non-combat, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer videogame!

I can hear you say: “hold on. So there is no blood, no heads cut, not even some cars racing??”

– Nop!

– “So, what is it like? why would I buy it??”

Well, why wouldn’t you??

You can still play post-apocalyptic games if you’d like, Loki and his team love them too. However, in July, when Wander will be released to the public, you will have an alternative.

You will actually have the freedom to play with a game that promotes a different set of values: beauty, discovery and collaboration. That is the way I see it and that’s what I love about it.

Like every games Wander offers challenges to overcome that can be solved more easily with the cooperation of others, but there are no losers, no competition. It is all about experiencing the beautiful things Wander has to offer to the fullest.

You can become a tree (yes, yes, a tree) or even a griffin to go through this magnificient landscape. Rainforst, water, sky… The team has worked with a geologist, an ecologist and a marine biologist to offer you a top-notch design.

I am a fan!

As an Alpha tester, not only the Wander team makes me enjoy the rainforest (no more encouter with dangerous snakes!!) but it also manages my ego issues quite well (I hate losing, I’d rather not play than lose, I am NOT a loser and turns out…no one loses in Wander:-)), plus, I actually get to meet people online and have fun with them. I am sold! And that is from someone who had no interest in video games. Good job guys!

And you are now a griffin in Wander's rainforest

And you are now a griffin in Wander’s rainforest

Wander will be released at PAX Australia, on the 19th of July 2013.

For more info about Wander visit: http://www.wanderthegame.com/ 

You can also become a fan on Facebook and / or follow them on Twitter to get their latest updates!

PS: Thank you Inspire 9 for allowing me to grab your pics and inviting me to Loki’s presentation!


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