Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane: a tiny laneway close to Fed Square. You could easily miss it.

Yet, it’s one of Melbourne’s landmark and I love it! Here – and everywhere else in Melbourne for that matter – Art is accessible to everyone.
I reckon that some graffiti have been around for quite a while, while others will only be there for a few days or weeks, quickly replaced by another amazing drawing. It’s always a pleasure to go there and see what’s new…or sadly notice what is gone forever (thank god I have a camera).

Here are a few pics of one of my new favorite art gallery. Enjoy!

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane – Fed Square- Flinders Street

Welcome to Hosier Lane...You have nothing to fear..

Welcome to Hosier Lane…You have nothing to fear

The old man

The old man – Now gone from Hosier lane but forever on my camera roll.

Once bitten twice shy

Once bitten twice shy

Lady from the 30's

Lady from the 30’s

Shoes on a wire. Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Aww… This is where my shoes are!

Love your mother

Hey you, yes you! Love your mother!

MrT and others

Please tag yourself. No you do not have to go for Mr. T

Maria and angry goldfish

Maria and angry goldfish- Funny enough, I could not manage to take that pic without the light.

I wanna call her Grandma Yo!

I wanna call her Grandma Yo!


Ganesha… Hosier lane is definitely a spiritual place.

Buzzlightyear- Toy story

Humm… Or maybe not that spiritual ..
Buzzlightyear- Toy story

Head -Tag

“Chant and your life will be sublime.”



Sois heureux, you only live once

Inspirational quote in Frenglish!
“Sois heureux, (Be happy), you only live once.”

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