I believe

Self-made expat life is not all about witnessing the beauties that this world has to offer.  As a matter of fact, you often struggle to make things happen:  job, friends, decent living conditions…again, remember, you’ve got nothing in that new country and have to start completely over.

Sounds unfair, but as this successful business owner told me yesterday: “No one knows you here, your references are from overseas, no one will bother checking them out, you have to START OVER, does not matter if you were a manager in your home country, you gotta start at the very bottom to put your name on that (Australian) map” i.e unpaid internships, going back to school, and get any kind of low skilled job to eat and pay  your rent.

I get that. I was expecting it. But because I have done it a few times before I thought I could get some kind of special treatment and be invited to drive on these fast track lanes. Nop. Each country is different. Put your little pride on the side girl, roll up your sleeves, and go!

You guessed it, these past few weeks have not been easy. I am gonna pass on the whole visa talks, financial, people, love, friendships, housing dramas. Not very interesting anyway. They are part of the package, the downside of the Expat Attitude, your thirst for living life to its fullest. Getting out of your comfort zone comes with risks: being broke, hurt, crossing path with surprisingly rude people…and a few weirdos..:-)

It would be so easy for me right now to pack my stuff and go back to France, right? Well, I might be the weirdest of them all coz’ I do not want to. Worse, I actually really want to stay here now. Told you I was a bit crazy;-)

Those uncomfortable times made me reassess and rethink my life, goals and objectives.  I have taken some “me time” and balanced it with some “hangouts-with-good-people-time”. That has been helpful. I still have to deal with a few things but I feel serene and more focused. And most importantly, I have faith.

Audrey Hepburn's quote. I love it. I believe in those stuff too;-) http://pinterest.com/pin/218846863115689042/

Audrey Hepburn’s quote
I love it. I believe in those stuff too;-)

I believe more than ever in a lot of completely random things. Here is my list:

  • I believe in traveling, meeting people, loads of them, and listening to their stories
  • I believe that getting out of your comfort zone always makes you grow
  • I believe in spending some time alone everyday
  • I believe in not wasting time with people that are not worth it – Life is too damn short
  • I believe in spending time with and focusing on these amazing people in your life. Can be your family but does not have to. Sometimes, they are people you met a few months back. They are the ones that make you smile, laugh, don’t judge you, love you just the way you are, and see greatness in you the same way you see greatness in them
  • Even though these words don’t often go together, I actually believe in doing business and working with good people
  • I believe in karma
  • I believe in helping out a total stranger
  • I believe that the guy that hurt you by being a complete ——— (fill in the blank with any of your favorite bad word) will end up fat, bald and miserable (verified) 😉
  • I believe that life is beautiful
  • I believe that Nutella should seriously be considered as a medicine/drug. I actually believe that there is a Nutellarapy (Nutella – Therapy)
  • I believe in watching chick flick movies with your friends (guy friends included), listening to feel good music and dancing the night away
  • I believe in loving your life and what you do. If you don’t like it. Change it.
  • I believe that happiness is a choice

What do you strongly believe in, no matter what ?

PS: I also believe I can fly and touch the sky. 😉 Sorry just had to add that one;-)


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