Super Awesome Friend: Sadaf

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet my first official sponsor, Sadaf.


I love that girl!

She is my best long-distance relationship. She lives in California, I am in Melbourne, and we manage to talk ALL THE TIME! My own mother in France wishes I would talk to her that much! We communicate through Voxer every over day (if not everyday), listen to each other voice messages and make each other laugh to tears!

So if you see me standing in the middle of Swantson Street, laughing out loud for no obvious reason, look again! I probably have my headset on and listen to Sadaf’s messages.

She knows every single details of my life and has been a tremendous support to me over the past few months. Especially when I was crying all alone, over my poor-little-self, in Sydney.

Once again, I have decided to do something crazy, and she is the first one to step up and be there for me. All I can wish you people, is to have a Sadaf in your life.

Sadaf joon! Thank you so much again! I love you! I am so grateful to have you in my life!



Please be part of my adventure, support my run and more importantly donate for Breast Cancer Network Australia now:


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