Super Awesome Friend: Charlie


Aka Charlotte, aka the French-girl-WITHOUT-a-French-accent. (I am SO jealous!)

I met Charlotte when working at Myer selling … Justin Bieber’s new fragrance: The Key (yep!).

Now, you know “I don’t like French people” (You all know I am French, right?!), but Charlotte is different, she is fun, friendly nice and the truth is…I did not even know she was French when we started talking! 🙂

Charlie is also an actress. Although, she could also be a model if she wanted to!

She will take part in the Short+Sweet Arts Festival Melbourne. She will be playing an executioner in a show called “Spaceman and Executioner”.

You can see her on Saturday 30 November at 4.30pm and 9.30pm, and Sunday 1 December at 9:30pm.

When should we all go see her?? You can book your ticket here.

Thank you very much for your support mademoiselle! See you very soon!



Please do like Charlie, be part of my adventure, support my run and more importantly donate for Breast Cancer Network Australia now:


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