Super Awesome Friend: Marewa


I met Marewa about 3 years ago. At that time, I was giving running a first go, and, again, I was soooo proud of myself! Was doing about 4K, 3 times a week, that lasted…3 months perhaps. Then, I was back to my no-workout life.

I will always remember our first conversation. That was at a posh American networking event in Paris.

After the usual where do you live- what do you do- where are you from, we clicked. So we carried on talking and all the sudden I went: ” I run”. Her face lighted up. ” Me too! ” she said, overly excited. When I told her about my amazing 4K , 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks, she did not look impressed, she even seemed… disappointed.

I used to nickname her Superwoman. Turns out the girl runs 10K…per day AT LEAST, speaks 6 languages, lived in 5 different countries or more..(I tried to recall them all but I think I forgot a few), is always dressed “à la perfection” from head to toe and, works in finance in La Défense (Business district in Paris). I am telling you, she is Superwoman!

Thank you so much Miss !!!! Gonna try to make you proud! Who knows I might be able to run with you next time I see you;-)



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