Super Awesome Friend: Dora



I met Dora for the first time at Apéro Monsieur Truffe, a French Appéritif style event at Monsier Truffe, a chocolate factory in Melbourne, where I was playing the official photographer for like 10 minutes.

Her warm and friendly personality clearly stood out. Instead of exchanging phone numbers… We added each other on Facebook (that’s what we all do!). 

We quickly realized that we have a bunch of friends in common and go to the same internationals events. And if I can’t make it, I will ask her how it was and if she recommends the venue. Yes, I just met her and I trust her judgement;-) 

Dora briefly told me about her family spread all over the world. Venezuela, South of France… Something I can relate to…

Muchas gracias señorita for your support and donation. See you at the next, Internations! Or before that. Let’s go have drinks soon! 😉


Please be part of my adventure, support my run and more importantly donate for Breast Cancer Network Australia now:




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