Fundraising for BCNA. Now more than ever!

Guys, as you can see I am very active on Facebook 🙂
However, I tend to not share what is really private.. Here is the exception to the rule: Following 2 surgeries, my dad had a pulmonary embolism, I could have lost the man of my life this week-end, my hero, my everything.

Thanks to my mother, my sister, her boyfriend and amazing doctors, he is now doing better. He is still under oxygen, in bed, and will have to follow a 6-month treatment. I am still super worried, especially being so far away, but I have been told that the worst is behind us.

Although, I should celebrate, drinking champagne, I have been a mess crying for 24 hours (promise, I will stop! I have not cried for 3 hours and now feeling like kicking some ***:-)).

I only told a few people around me and their support ( a hug, a visit…20 texts:-) ) made a difference. Thank you so much for being here, you may think it’s nothing, but to me, that meant the world.

More than ever, helping an organisation that delivers the best information, treatment, care and support possible, to women diagnosed with breast cancer and, their families make sense to me. I need to give back. I want to make a difference in these women’s life, the same way doctors, friends and family made a difference in mine yesterday.

I wish (as always:-)) that I could do it on my own but I can’t, I need your help.

In only a week, we collected 455 dollars, we are only 55 dollars away from my very shy goal of 500 dollars. I think we can do more. Let’s aim for 1000!

The race is in less than 2 weeks. My dad still wants me to do it…We’ll see…

I have been running behind as far as blogging etc… But I will do it, even if it takes ages, you will be featured in my social media outlet. Promise;-)

Please help me make a difference, donate now for BCNA and/or share that link. Thank you so much!


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