Super Awesome Friend: Eva & Lance



My first BFF in San Francisco. We both moved there in September 2005. She landed on the 20th, I landed on the 18th. We met, a few days later, at an English school where we both studied to get our TOEIC and TOEFL.

Besides the fact that the girl is stunning and looks like a supermodel, the first thing that struck me about Eva was that she was genuinely nice. I mean really nice, super sweet, not a single ounce of malice. It’s quite rare and very refreshing in today’s world. Her friendship is one of the best thing I got from my 3 years in SF. Ever since I met her, she has always been there for me.

When struggling in Sydney, she did not hesitate to arrange everything for me to go and stay with her mother and friends in Mackay, Queensland.

She is one of my Angel! I am so lucky to have her in my life! Thank you baby for believing in me and supporting me … again! Love you!





Lance is Eva’s friend. He lives in Mackay, Queensland.

Even though, he was busy running his stickers and signs business, Murray’s Stickers & Signs, he took the time to show me around and was a perfect tour guide. I know that BCNA’s work means a lot to him. I am glad we are taking part in that adventure together, and I will try to make him feel proud of me on the 8th of December;-)

Thanks a lot Lance!



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