Super Awesome Friend: Roberto

Ladies…. Roberto!

He wanted me to put this picture on my t-shirt (don’t worry, I don’t get it either :-p),


But I would like to introduce you to Mr. Roberto by showing you THAT picture.


Although Blue Power Ranger and his Super Detergent looks attractive, in my very humble opinion, this weird superhero is wayyyyyy more awesome in his everyday life.

Check that out: the guy is “Italian”, really good-looking, MARATHON runner, AND… a successful architect whose work will impact the lives of thousands of Melburnians!

I am not exaggerating, take a look for yourself and read this article.

Grazie mille for your donation, support and training tips Roberto! Coming from one of the power rangers a marathon runner like yourself, that meant a lot! Baci!


(Roberto wearing the t-shirt made by Das T-Shirt Automat for his birthday)


I already did (smashed) my 10K but you can still be part of my project and be featured in this blog. Donation to Breast Cancer Network Australia can be made via this link until January the 31st, 2014.