Super Awesome Friend: Laura



I met Laura through my BFF Tazzie.

I love that girl and her energy. I just wish we were hanging out more often. (Yes Laura, this is me telling you that we got to hang out more often! #resolution2014 :-))

Before settling in Melbourne for work, this Romanian lady lived in the States and in the UK for years … like me.

The girl has a huge heart. I love the way she connects with people, cares about her family, talks about love, life, career and friends.

Writing about Laura makes me realise how lucky I am to cross paths with people that are genuinely kind and compassionate.

Thanks Laura for your support, donation… and kind words the other day;-). So, when are we hanging out???



I already did (smashed) my 10K but you can still be part of my project and be featured in this blog. Donation to Breast Cancer Network Australia can be made via this link until January the 31st, 2014.