Super Awesome Friend: Andrea


In Melbourne, there are a few good ways to network, socialize, party and have a good time.

But…no one does it like the Italians, and that’s what Andrea has been showing to the Ozzies (and Frenchies too I guess) for a little while now.

Andrea organises the famous Bella Vita Events in the city. If you go to one of his event you can expect to:

  • Always be greeted with a smile. (Yes, I pay attention to these little details. They make a difference.)
  • Meet a bunch of very good-looking Italian men (…and Italian girls too… damn it!)
  • Eat yummy italian food! (Yep! Every time I went to one of his event, I had food. Now, some may refer to it as nibbles but for my little French belly, this is delicious yummy food.)
  • Have some good music
  • Oh, and drink a negroni of course!

When I asked Andrea if he did not mind for me to put his face on my t-shirt instead of his logo, as initially stated in my email, he was ok with it. He even shared my donation page on his personal Facebook profile.

Through that post I would like to thank him for his support and donation but also, for all the good times he has shown my friends and I for the past few months.

Next event on the 24th? Let’s all go and create some new fun memories Melbourne!

Click here for more info about Bella Vita’s next event.

More about Bella Vita events:



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