Super Awesome Friends: Hector & Molly

Note: The following text is bigger than the other ones. It was written ages ago and was part of another project I was working on for I never got to publish it. Here is the intro:

Hector & Molly!! (Sorry for not being original here but… I LOVE THESE GUYS!)


I met Hector in Paris about two years ago now. I was just coming back from a trip to California, went to Starbucks with my laptop to do some research and try to figure out what my next step in life would be. Hector came in to meet a friend that was sat next to me. He handed him a t-shirt that first sparked my interest. Ever since I worked for a t-shirt manufacturer in L.A, I have had this thing for cool shirts with great quotes and designs.

Then, I heard him speak in English (I could never speak enough English in Paris) a few seconds later, he pronounced some magical keywords like DJ and SAN FRANCISCO! I lived in SF for 3 years, it was home, I had a few DJ friends there and as I was just coming back from “visiting home”….I thought this had to be a sign!! …Not sure what kind of sign, but that was too much of a coincidence to me.

I literally just dropped everything I was doing, stared at him and, openly listened to his conversation.

When he was about to push the door to leave I stood up and went to talk to him. Seriously, what do you say in this kind of situation?? Well, nothing really smart, to sum up that sounded something like that: “Hey, I am sorry I listened to your whole conversation, yes I am a rude Parisian, I miss SF, what are you doing here? why Paris?  Do you go back to SF sometimes? Don’t you miss it? and what about your t-shirts? and where do you mix? and what? and why? and when? and how ? and again why??….” Poor guy, we had to set another meeting 😉

Hector and his wife Molly became my friends, meeting them was one of the highlights of 2012. Despite their crazy lives and schedule, they are really down-to-earth, manage to keep it real and are ones of the sweetest people I know… I actually believe that their kindness, love and respect for people are key to their success…

Hector is THE Rockstar, the one who has gigs all over the world, creates, plays, has a Facebook page with thousands of followers… but this time (meaning in my project and interview that I never got to do), I wanted to put them both under the spotlight. They are a team. Molly is the one who manages everything in the background. And after all… don’t we say that behind every successful man, there is a woman?? 😉




NB: Hector and Molly are one the most inspiring people I know. I am so glad I stood up and run after Hector that day. Once again, by supporting my run and giving to BCNA they showed me that it is all about love. Muchas gracias la familia Moralez! You guys rock!

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We got loops- Do you? 😉


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