Super Awesome Friend: Sandeep

Sandeep aka Anonymous number 1, our guru:-)


The “founder” of our little group of international friends, in Paris.

Originally from India, his job took him all over the globe.

Sandeep works with Marewa in the French capital; I met them both at an American universities networking event.

If it weren’t for Sandeep, our crew would never have existed. He is the one who took the initiative to collect the contact details of the fun, smart and attractive people met that night. (no, I am not exaggerating;-)), and organized other gatherings for the few of us.

Besides being a natural networker and event organizer who, as I told him many times, should create his own meetup group or Facebook page, Sandeep is a genuinely nice and approachable guy.

He is the man you want to go and talk to when advice and opinion are needed.

His answers will always sound inspiring and full of wisdom.

Thanks again for being by my side…again. I hope Paris still treats you well and that you continue to inspire people around you. xo


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