Super Awesome Friend: Steven



My crazy French American buddy!

Legal consultant and lecturer… Hum…

Although, I am sure Steven is a great professional, for some reasons, I have always had a hard time picturing him giving a class to a bunch of students… I mean, in my mind, Steven IS the student. He loves trying to set me up with awful dates, puts himself into the weirdest situations, goes to backpack in South America on a whim, and yeah…. just party hard… Barcelona style!

Which is not a bad thing at all according to my standards;-) If there is one thing I love doing in Paris, it’s going clubbing and finishing the night by having breakfast in a little café (or by the Seine) at 6/7am (with hot chocolate and croissant s’il vous plaît!). While most of my friends considered that being in your late 20’s-early 30’s was too old to hit the Parisian dance-floors, Steven never let me down!

And it has not just been about partying. When I told him about my plan to quit everything and start over in Australia, the guy fully supported me. And despite the time difference, he still manages to often check on me.

And again, here, I decided to run 10K, raise money for Breast Cancer Network Australia and bam! All the way from his new home in the UK, he sponsored me.

Merci pour tout mon ami! Skype soon! Je te promets!!! Bisous crazy!

Steven and I


I already did (smashed) my 10K and my donation page is now closed.

However, please visit and feel free to make a donation. Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with breast cancer with quality information and support.