Super Awesome Business: Das T-Shirt Automat

Das T-Shirt Automat. THE shop that made the beautiful, amazing, wonderful, genius, splendid t-shirt I wore for my 10K.

I love what these guys do, and how they do it.


It is now no secret that I have a thing for cool t-shirts ( see post about Hector & Molly). So, if I tell you that I also have a thing for creative and fun small businesses, you will understand, in a minute, why I went to Das T-Shirt Automat to make my t-shirt, and nowhere else. Keep on scrolling down.

Das T-shirt Automat is located in one the best (probably my favorite) neighborhood of Melbourne, Fitzroy, on Johnston Street, in front of Night Cat, famous live music venue in the city.

Think you can miss it? No way! Look at these colors and design that remind me of the old and funky laundry detergent ads from the 60’s.

But, Gaëlle, what do they do? They make your dream t-shirt come true! In like.. the blink of an eye, 5 to 10 minutes top!

You go there, pick a blank tee (or bring your own), select a design from their catalog (or bring your own), or even, bring your own …very confused ideas and messy drawings, and they will sort it all out for you.

( I am not saying this is what I did, I am just saying they can do it!)

Proof: See how great my original design was;-) I know, I know, I have got talent.


Then, what happens?

Told you! Give one of these guys ↓ 5 to 10 minutes, they do their little trick…Et voilà! Your dream T-Shirt comes out “Das Automat”!image

Yes, the owners are a bit like DaftPunk, can’t see their faces.

Lucky enough to SEE the trick from my very own eyes and enter DAS AUTOMAT!

And in case you still haven’t seen my Super Awesome T-Shirt, here it is:



Simple, neat, great quality, quick, no fuss but also friendly, patient, and fun… These guys are amazing!

Go and check them out!


And show them some love on FB :

ps: if you wonder, yes, they are the ones who made Roberto’s amazing tshirt “Made in Italy”. I told you, why would I go somewhere else to make all my tshirt ideas come to reality?!


I already did (smashed) my 10K and my donation page is now closed.

However, please visit and feel free to make a donation. Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with breast cancer with quality information and support.


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