Super Awesome Friend: Jerry

After being introduced to my first friend in the States, ladies and gentlemen, please meet my first Ozzie one, Jerry!


I have been introduced to Jerry through one of my American friend.

He used to live in San Francisco where he worked his way up the corporate ladder.

Today, back in Sydney, Jerry is an entrepreneur …well actually, he is much more of a social entrepreneur and it’s a real pleasure speaking with him about GMO, or the role of communities in our society.

From taking the time to take me to the Blue Mountains ( a must-see), where I saw one of the most beautiful sunset of my life, to inviting me… “fishing” (yes… “fishing”!!) on a boat, right in front of the famous Sydney Opera House, Jerry showed me the very best NSW has to offer.

And thanks to him, I now have a few funny stories to tell, amazing memories, and breathtaking pictures!

Thank you Jerry! And, thank you for your donation of course!

Was great to see you last month, hope to catch up with you really soon!

Next time, in Melbourne;-)


Wentworth Falls – Blue Mountains- March/April 2013


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