Super Awesome Friend: Mia



My favorite French student. The reason I actually did that run.

I met Mia last June.

I was giving French conversation-based classes and posted an ad on Gumtree, that pretty much sounded like “Reveal the French in you”; except that Mia did not speak a word of French and just wanted to acquire some basics for her upcoming trip to France.

Although, she did not know a thing to begin with, I got really impressed and proud of the progress she was making every week.

The teacher-student relationship became friendship. She even helped me out when I was looking for a new home.

Whatever she says, Mia is a runner, ( I mean she does buy running magazine and doing a 10K is not that much of a big deal to her!). She is the one who told me about the Sussan Fun Run and pushed me to do it.

She encouraged me during my training, and supported my run and my fundraising.

Thank you for everything Mia!

PS: so… 20K on Ocean Road huh? Looks like I will be around after all… Oh god… 😉 Let’s do it I guess…



I already did (smashed) my 10K and my donation page is now closed.

However, please visit and feel free to make a donation. Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with breast cancer with quality information and support.