Super Awesome Friend: Valeria



I met this Italian lady at a French networking event. That was a one off. I have never attended it again. Not saying it was not good, just saying we did not really belong to the targeted audience.

In any case, that was all good because that evening I met Valeria.

Turns out , I was meant to meet her anyways. We quickly realized that we have a bunch of friends in common and attend the same events in the city.

Obviously, as you may have guessed, socializing in the same social circles is not the only thing we have in common. Valeria, lives in Melbourne, speaks fluent French, is in marketing (my field), and is a blogger. A great one!

While I basically let my blog die, she still manages to maintain a regular writing activity despite having a full time job.

I love her blog, and read the adventures and thoughts of this Italian expat in Melbourne, and all over the world, with great pleasure. Check it out:

And show her some love on Facebook:

Grazie beaucoup pour ton soutien ma belle!

A très très bientôt!



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