Walk in Her Shoes with Taz!

Why does my Ozzie BFF (English actually, but being based here in Australia makes her my Ozzie BFF;-)) So, where was I ?… Yes.

Why does my Ozzie BFF, Taz, bother walking all over Melbourne with her high heels on nowadays??!!

Take a look for yourself.

My Tazzie, as I call her,  has decided to take part in the Care’ Walk in her shoes Challenge, raising money for women who have to walk for miles to find water, food and essentials for their families.
She’s got 5 days to walk 25k and collect $500.

This is her first charity drive and I am sooooo proud of her for doing it and putting herself out there.


let’s help her

Walk in her Shoes - Care


help her

walk in her shoes.

Here is the link to DONATE NOW: ttp://ow.ly/uJJ9H 

She’s only got a few days left!! Let’s make it happen.

Merci les amis!


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