H&M in Melbourne

H&M finally arrives in Melbourne!
We got it! Don’t get me wrong, I have been asking for it; but buying every single  advertising space available in Southern Cross station, was that really necessary ? It does scare me a little bit…

I don’t really remember the opening of the first store in Paris. I just know that H&M was part of my buying habits as a teenager/young student.

However, I do remember the opening of the first one in San Francisco. That was crazy! I had rarely seen such a huge line, even in front of a Parisian night club or a Disneyland attraction.  It felt like a celebrity was in town or, in SF language,…that a new Iphone was being released.

Here is my BFF tip of the day my dears: Do not go to H&M ON its opening day! Give it a week. Unless….unless you love queuing, in that case, please go and have fun!



H&M will open its first store in Australia, in Melbourne on April the 5th in the former GPO.

The next one will be in Sydney on George Street.

Haven’t listened to me? Been there ON the 5th??! So, how was it?



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