Paris vs Melbourne: The public transport anti-heros

If you have ever lived in Paris, you must be familiar with this pink little bunny. That sticker below used to be on every door of the Parisian metros and says: “Beware! Do not put your hands on the door, you risk to be pinched very hard”. As a little girl, I remember taking the subway holding my mother’s hand, staring at that bunny and think…”Why?! – Why on Earth would you put your hands on those dirty doors anyways stupid funny bunny?! (besides to open them up of course! The opening system was cool:-)) Although, I thought that bunny was not that much of a smart ass, he used to be part of my daily life and I somewhat grew fond of him.

If you live in Melbourne , and take the tram you may have noticed the rhino! Great message for the 32-year-old-me, who is ALWAYS with my headset on, talking to my friends or listening to DaftPunk reallyyyy loud (and singing). 20131021-230059.jpg While my little pink bunny is funny and edgy (that’s just another word to say vintage…ok… old! He was designed in the 70’s!), and the Rhino looks really cool on his skateboard; Melbourne, the advertising world and I have been completely won over by the characters of the Dumb Ways to Die Campaign. Let’s be clear, those guys are even stupider than my Parisian bunny…which I guess, is what makes them funnier. They are in every single train stations of the city. They were everywhere on social media and, a song has also been written and played heavily on local radio stations. The campaign has been such a success that it won the Grand Prix in the PR and direct marketing categories at the Cannes Lions Festival last year.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die

Music video, fancy prize or not, which one of this super anti-hero is your favorite? Does your city have its own public transport “celebrity”? Which one?


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