Super Awesome Friend: Anony… Nousha!!;-)

My big sister, my BFF, my guardian angel, my role model (well, maybe not ALL the time;-), my coach and ultimate supporter ( I mean the girl made 2 donations to make sure I reach my goal) : Nousha.

(Becomes Noushaaaaaaaa-aaa when followed by the 1000 questions I often need/want to ask her.)


If you know me and never heard her name coming out of my mouth, that means that whether:

  • we just met
  • I don’t really feel like telling you about my life
  • we’re just not that close

Knowing me, understanding who I am and how I got there comes with a story. It usually includes details about my background, my parents, my sister,  how I love them and they love me ….and how, all of the sudden, I decided to trade my Parisian life for my American dream.

Then, at some point after 2 years in San Francisco, Nousha popped up into my life.

I often said that the impact she has had on me is so big that, if I am the person I am today it’s because of my parents…and Nousha. The woman basically raised (the 26-year-old) me;-)

A blog post cannot do her justice but in REALLY short, here are a few things I have learnt from her.

  • Life is too damn short.

Do not waste a second of it. Enjoy every single minute.

  • Don’t be bitter about the bad things that happened to you.

“Snap out of it” and move on. We all go through bad stuff. Deal with it. (In my case, go cry for a few hours), come back, and smile! Today is a ‘Nou’day!

  • LOVE!!

Give it away like chocolate. (That’s actually a very bad exemple, I can’t give MY cookies or chocolates away, everyone knows that). Let’s say that she showed me that we are much more capable of love than we think.

If you loved once and it did not work out, guess what? You can (and better) love again and again and again.

  • Don’t limit your love to family, give some of it to total strangers.

Nousha is a strong believer of the Pay It Forward philosophy. It’s almost normal for my parents and my sister to love me…They are kinda programmed for it, right? But Nousha had just met me when she decided to give me any kind of material and emotional support an amazing big sister would give you. That just blew my mind away and still does…

I have always wanted to do a fundraising, but somehow it made much more sense to do it this year than let’s say, 10 years ago, before meeting Noush. I think that I am much more full of love today than I was back then.

I am also happy that we supported BCNA I know how much the work of these kind of organisation means to her.

Merci khaher, dooset daram!



I already did (smashed) my 10K and my donation page is now closed.

However, please visit and feel free to make a donation. Your money will go towards providing newly diagnosed women with breast cancer with quality information and support.

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