About me

eiffel and me

Born in Chinatown Paris / Raised in the surburb (“la banlieue”) / Spent 3 years in San Francisco being a gypsy wanna-be fashionista /14 months in Folkestone working in PR for the Channel Tunnel (Folkestone?! It’s in Kent… in the UK!!) / After 2 years and half of being back-to-my-old-parisian-life, I have decided to jump out of my comfort zone… (again) and move to Australia !!!/

As previously stated in one of my blog post, the life of a self-made expat is far to be easy, but to me, definitely worth it. Everywhere I have lived, I have been lucky enough to meet THE BEST PEOPLE in town.

Inspiring, giving, loving…

Although, I consider myself a citizen of the world, to my friends, I will always be that girl with a strong French accent (not THAT strong) their French BFF.

What else??? I am on a very strict and hard-to-follow Nutella diet and speak fluent Frenglish 😉


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Gaelle,

    How are you, hope you are having fun in Melbourne.

    Let me show some awesome sites and places around here, make sure you have a camera.


  2. Hope you are loving Australia 🙂 I am the reverse, I was born in Brisbane but have been on exchange to Paris ( I wish it was for longer!) Going back to Paris for the fourth time this year, as well as seeing other parts of France and Europe 🙂 I’ve just done a post about the places I’d love to go in Queensland, if you want any ideas for a little holiday 🙂 I’ve done some Sydney, Melb and Gold Coast posts too!



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