folkestoneEver heard of Folkestone, Kent, UK?? Before applying to my future-ex job (Communications officer for the Channel Tunnel operator, Eurotunnel), me neither.

It’s the closest English town to France but it was all really foreign to me in the beginning: pubs, beer, gardening, sheep, talks about rugby and the Ashes… Nothing to do with my nights out in Bastille in Paris, in the Mission District in San Francisco or even, with my sunday walks by the Seine or, brunches in the Marina.

However, thanks to my job, my co-workers and my roommates, who quickly became my “English family”, I had an amazing year there (14 months to be exact).

I spent several week-ends in London, Canterbury, Dover and also got to go to Brighton and Bristol. I wish I could have seen more of it…Well, there’s always next time 🙂


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